The daily updated overview of corona loosening
Last updated on 9. July 2020

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Question Answer
When will childcare be available again? The daycare centres are fully open again.
When do the primary schools open? All pupils should receive attendance lessons again, at least temporarily.
When do classes in secondary schools start? At grammar schools, secondary schools, Haupt- and Werkrealschulen, the class levels have been taught alternately since after the Whitsun holidays in order to reach all pupils. Classes that started on 4 May and are about to graduate this year or next year will remain in attendance permanently.
When do educational institutions open? Please inform yourself on the home page of your respective educational institution.
When does my university or college open? Universities are only open for the necessary presence operation.
When can I see the doctor again? Doctors recommend continuing to take preventive medical exams.
What do I have to pay attention to in contact with people? In public, 20 people from several households may meet. For private events there are no numerical restrictions if all are related to each other.
When do sports clubs and sports fields open? Public sports facilities/sports grounds may reopen, even in closed rooms, e.g. fitness studios and dance schools. Sports clubs are also allowed to train in halls again. Open-air pools and bathing lakes may be opened under certain conditions.
What cultural events are possible? Museen und Theater dürfen wieder öffnen. Kinos dürfen ab 1. Juni mit einer festen Sitzplatzbeschränkung von 100 Personen wieder öffnen. Freizeitparks öffnen ab 29. Mai. Jugentreffs dürfen voraussichtlich ab 2. Juni wieder geöffnet werden. Saunen und Wellnessbereiche dürfen wieder öffnen.
When are hotels and restaurants open again? Restaurants have been allowed to reopen since 18 May, hotels since 29 May. Bars and pubs have been allowed to open since 2 June, subject to hygiene regulations. Holiday flats may reopen as far as self-catering is possible.
When do major events start? Non-private events with fixed seats have been allowed since 1 June with up to 100 participants. The organisers must draw up a hygiene concept for this. Major events are prohibited until the end of October. Public conferences, congresses, trade fairs and smaller sporting events with up to 100 people are possible again from 1 July. The number of participants is to increase to 500 from 1 August.
What restrictions are there on local and long-distance transport? The mask requirement applies to public transport. Deutsche Bahn recommends that you inquire about connection and alternative rail transportation before traveling.
When can I visit relatives in hospitals and nursing homes again? Visits to hospitals, retirement homes and nursing homes in the southwest have been allowed since May 18.
When are churches open again? Services have been celebrated in Baden-Württemberg since the second weekend in May.