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Last updated on 9. July 2020

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Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Question Answer
When will childcare be available again? Alle Kinder können wieder in den Kitas betreut werden.
When do the primary schools open? After the end of the summer holidays at the beginning of August, there should be reliable and daily regular lessons for all pupils. During the summer holidays, the after-school care centres are to offer holiday care of six hours per child per day.
When do classes in secondary schools start? After the end of the summer holidays at the beginning of August, there should be reliable and daily regular lessons for all pupils.
When do educational institutions open? For questions about adult education, please go to the website of your respective training institution.
When does my university or college open? The study and teaching activities in the summer semester 2020 have been carried out digitally at the universities since 20 April.
When can I see the doctor again? Preventive examinations should be carried out despite the corona pandemic.
What do I have to pay attention to in contact with people? An öffentlichen Orten können sich bis zu zehn Personen mehrerer Haushalte treffen. Ab 10. Juli gibt es keine begrenzte Personenanzahl mehr. Es darf sich in beliebiger Gruppengröße getroffen werden. Hygieneregelungen müssen beachtet werden.
When do sports clubs and sports fields open? Open-air pools have been allowed to open again since 25 May. Clubs are allowed to train in closed rooms again. Fitness studios, indoor and fun pools and rehabilitation clinics are open again.
What cultural events are possible? Museums, cinemas, concerts and theatre performances can take place. Amusement parks may also reopen.
When are hotels and restaurants open again? Restaurants, bars and pubs are open. Hotels and holiday apartments are open. Hotels are allowed to use all beds again. The same applies to camping sites.
When do major events start? Larger events remain prohibited. Outdoor events with up to 500 participants are allowed. In closed rooms, a maximum of 200 people are allowed.
What restrictions are there on local and long-distance transport? Mouth and nose protection must be worn on local public transport and in retail.
When can I visit relatives in hospitals and nursing homes again? Since May 15, a permanent caregiver has been allowed to visit a relative in the retirement home - for one hour per day.
When are churches open again? Religious services can again take place in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern under strict conditions.