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Last updated on 29. October 2020

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What are the rules for day care centres? The care of all children is once again being provided to the full extent.
What rules apply to primary schools? The schools are in normal operation. At the moment it is autumn holidays. Students do not have to keep a minimum distance. Teachers and students are required to wear masks, but this does not apply in class. At the request of parents, a class can voluntarily agree to wear the mask in class. Sports, music and theatre lessons may take place again. Singing together in closed rooms is not allowed.
What rules apply to secondary schools? The schools are in normal operation. At the moment it is autumn holidays. The minimum distance does not have to be kept. There is a mask obligation for teachers and students, but this does not apply in class. Sports, music and theatre lessons may take place again. Singing together in closed rooms is not allowed. Physical contact should also be avoided.
What rules apply to educational institutions? The libraries of the Association of Public Libraries in Berlin (VÖBB) have reopened with limited lending. VHS courses can be attended since 1 July. Further information can be found on the pages of the respective educational institutions.
What rules apply to universities & universities of applied sciences? The university courses ran digitally in the summer semester 2020. In the winter semester 2020/2021, lectures at universities and universities of applied sciences are to begin uniformly on November 1, 2020. Further information on attendance seminars and digital lectures is available from your university/college.
What are the rules for visiting the doctor? There are no restrictions on visits to the doctor. Preventive medical checkups are still recommended. Expectant mothers may be accompanied to the birth by one person.
What rules apply in contact with people? Distance and hygiene rules must be observed. At flea markets, weekly and Christmas markets, in queues and on busy streets, masks are now compulsory. Since 10 October, only a maximum of ten people are allowed to take part in private celebrations inside. In addition, there is a nightly restriction (23 to 6 o'clock) on 5 persons from a maximum of two households. There is a general obligation to wear masks in office and administration buildings. It applies, for example, in the corridors if minimum distances cannot be maintained, but not when working at a desk.
What rules apply to sporting activities? Berlin sports clubs may train. Sports may be practiced outside and inside in groups of up to twelve people. The sports halls are open. Fitness, dance and ballet studios may also open.
What rules apply to cultural events? There are no limits on the number of participants for demonstrations. Cinemas, operas, theatres, museums, galleries, memorials, libraries and similar educational institutions are open. Zoos, zoos and botanical gardens are also open. A framework concept for Christmas market operators is being discussed.
What rules apply to hotel and restaurant visits? There is no curfew for bars and restaurants, but a ban on alcohol applies from 23:00. Hotels and holiday flats may accept guests. The Senate has not decided on a ban on accommodation.
What rules apply to major events? For trade fairs, conferences and commercial indoor leisure activities, up to 1000 people may gradually be brought together from 1 October. Outside, up to 5000 people may come together from 1 October.
What rules apply to local and long-distance transport? Buses, trams and underground trains continue to run. However, the public transport service will be adapted to the restrictions of public life. Wearing a face mask remains mandatory, minimum distances should be observed.
What rules apply in hospitals and nursing homes? Patients in hospitals and residents of old people's and nursing homes may be visited again.
What are the rules for visiting places of worship? Religious events are possible regardless of the number of participants.
What rules apply to children with cold symptoms? Children with simple symptoms such as a cold or a slight cough are allowed to go to school or daycare. As soon as a child does not feel well, the symptoms become more severe or fever is added, the child must stay at home or be picked up and stay at home for at least 24 hours. If the child's state of health continues to deteriorate, please contact a paediatrician. He/she will decide whether a covid test is necessary.