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Last updated on 9. July 2020

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When will childcare be available again? Since 1 July, all children have been allowed back into kindergartens and crèches.
When do the primary schools open? In schools there are again regular attendance lessons for all pupils.
When do classes in secondary schools start? All pupils are allowed to return to school at least for a few days.
When do educational institutions open? Please inquire on the website of your respective educational institution.
When does my university or college open? Certain practical events in universities have been possible since April 27 - in some cases - as part of strict hygiene measures, if not initially only in digital form.
When can I see the doctor again? Doctors advise you to continue to attend doctor's appointments, for example, so as not to miss preventive checks.
What do I have to pay attention to in contact with people? Groups of up to ten people can meet in public space. There are no restrictions in your own garden or in private rooms. Since 22 June, wedding and other celebrations as well as graduation ceremonies and club meetings have again been allowed - with up to 50 people indoors or 100 people outdoors.
When do sports clubs and sports fields open? The "contactless individual sport", which has been possible again since 11 May, includes tennis, athletics, golf and sailing, as these are mainly practised outdoors. But riding lessons in the indoor arena are also possible. From June 8, gyms, outdoor swimming pools and dance studios as well as other indoor sports facilities will open again in Bavaria. Team sports will be limited to 20 persons. Training with sports close to the body is allowed if there is a fixed group.
What cultural events are possible? Museums are open, amusement parks are open since 30 May. From 15 June, cultural events such as concerts with up to 50 participants are permitted. Theatres and cinemas open from 15 June, as long as they comply with hygiene and distance requirements. Indoor swimming pools, indoor areas of thermal baths and hotel swimming pools, including wellness areas, and leisure pools are allowed to open. From 8 July, leisure facilities may reopen the indoor areas.
When are hotels and restaurants open again? Beer gardens may open. Holiday flats and hotels may also open again. A solution is to be found for bars by the end of July.
When do major events start? Since 15 June, cultural events such as concerts with up to 50 participants are permitted. Mass events remain prohibited until the end of October, as do fairs, public festivals and congresses.
What restrictions are there on local and long-distance transport? The Deutsche Bahn recommends that you find out about the connection and alternative rail transport before you travel.
When can I visit relatives in hospitals and nursing homes again? Bavaria is easing restrictions on visits to hospitals, old people's homes and institutions for the disabled. Since 29 June, the facilities are to allow significantly more visits. Up to now, exceptions have only been made for maternity and children's wards, palliative care units and hospices.
When are churches open again? Church services have been allowed to take place again in Bavaria since 4 May. The minimum distance between participants has been reduced from 2 metres to 1.5 metres.