The daily updated overview of corona loosening
Last updated on 9. July 2020

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Question Answer
When will childcare be available again? Since 15 June, limited regular operations have been underway at daycare centres in Bremen.
When do the primary schools open? In the primary schools in Bremen a limited regular operation is in force.
When do classes in secondary schools start? Since 15 June, half of all pupils of the secondary schools and grammar schools have been offered an attendance offer in alternating shifts.
When do educational institutions open? Attending events may take place at adult education centers, adult education institutions and other public or private institutions for education, training and further education.
When does my university or college open? There is mostly digital teaching.
When can I see the doctor again? Checkups are also recommended during the Corona crisis.
What do I have to pay attention to in contact with people? Several relatives from two households can meet in public space. Events with up to 250 people indoors are permitted. Up to 400 people can gather at events in the open air.
When do sports clubs and sports fields open? Sports clubs may train again. Open-air pools may open. Low-contact sports such as jogging, rowing, tennis or golf are also permitted.
What cultural events are possible? In Bremen, playgrounds have been allowed to open since 6 May, as have zoos and memorial sites. Museums can also reopen. Cinemas, theatres, operas and concert halls may open with a limited number of visitors.
When are hotels and restaurants open again? Visits to restaurants and pubs are possible. The bars remain closed. Hotels and apartments are allowed to open.
When do major events start? Major events are prohibited until the end of October.
What restrictions are there on local and long-distance transport? In local and long-distance traffic, wearing a mouth-nose cover is compulsory.
When can I visit relatives in hospitals and nursing homes again? Since 25 May the homes have been open to visitors again.
When are churches open again? Meetings in churches, mosques and other places of worship are possible again.