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Last updated on 4. March 2021

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What are the rules for day care centres? Daycare centres in Bremen can open from 15 February, subject to hygiene regulations. A maximum of 60 children may be cared for together in fixed cohorts.
What rules apply to primary schools? Schools are partially reopened as part of a phased plan and depending on the infection situation. Primary school classes receive instruction in the daily alternating model and in half-groups. For the concrete regulations, see § 16 of the ordinance (see: Children who do not attend face-to-face classes continue to receive home learning opportunities. For working parents who have to look after their children (under 12 years of age) at home due to possible day-care centre and school closures, there is the so-called children's allowance. For children with disabilities, the age restriction does not apply. Each parent receives 20 days per child and single parents receive 40 days per child. From the third child onwards, the entitlement increases again to 45 days per parent or 90 days for single parents. This is the upper limit, there is no further increase, even if parents have more than three children. In this case, the health insurance fund covers part of the loss of wages, since the employer does not have to pay wages for these days. However, the reimbursement amount does not correspond to the full net wage, but is lower.
What rules apply to secondary schools? Schools are partially reopened within the framework of a graduated plan and depending on the infection situation. For the concrete regulations, see § 16 of the ordinance (see: Children who do not participate in face-to-face teaching will continue to receive learning opportunities at home. Written Abitur examinations as well as oral final examinations and the awarding of certificates are to be postponed. Bremen is examining whether the start of education can be moved back accordingly.
What rules apply to educational institutions? At adult education centres, adult education institutions and other public or private institutions of education, further education and training, face-to-face events may take place in compliance with the hygiene regulations as long as the 7-day incidence value is below 200 per 100,000 inhabitants.
What rules apply to universities & universities of applied sciences? Seminars and lectures at universities and colleges will mainly be held in digital form in the winter semester 2020/2021. For more information on face-to-face seminars and digital lectures, please contact your university/college.
What are the rules for visiting the doctor? Screening is also recommended during the corona crisis.
What rules apply in contact with people? Since 10 January, private gatherings are only permitted within the circle of one's own household and a maximum of one other person who does not belong to one's own household. In Bremen, children up to 12 years of age are not counted in the contact restrictions. These measures will be extended until 7 March. Contact will continue to be restricted as much as possible. The mask obligation is extended, all humans have to carry a mouth nose covering in publicly accessible areas. Masks will also be mandatory outdoors in high-traffic areas. The retail trade will remain closed. Only shops for everyday needs are allowed to open: Grocery stores, weekly markets, drugstores and pharmacies, car repair shops, banks, post offices and wholesalers. Shops and public transport are only to be entered with an OP or FFP2 mask.
What rules apply to sporting activities? Recreational and amateur sports activities in public and private sports facilities are prohibited. Fitness studios remain closed. Individual sports are permitted alone, in pairs or with one's own household.
What rules apply to cultural events? Cultural and leisure facilities will remain closed, including theatres and concert halls, cinemas, amusement parks, swimming and fun pools. When the infection situation eases, the federal states should be allowed to reopen them. Playgrounds are open, hygiene and distance rules must be observed. Wholesale and retail trade will remain open under increased hygiene requirements.
What rules apply to hotel and restaurant visits? From 2 November, restaurants, bars, clubs, discos, pubs and the like will be closed. Restaurants must remain closed until 20 December. Further regulations are to be discussed in mid-December. The delivery or collection of food for consumption at home is permitted. There is a nocturnal spear hour and a ban on selling alcohol between 10 pm and 6 am. Hotels may only provide overnight accommodation for necessary and expressly non-tourist purposes. It is recommended to avoid skiing holidays until 10 January.
What rules apply to major events? Large cultural events are not permitted. Celebrations in private premises or in public are not permitted, as contact restrictions must be observed. If possible, staying in closed rooms with a lot of public traffic should be avoided.
What rules apply to local and long-distance transport? In local and long-distance traffic, the wearing of a mouth and nose cover is mandatory.
What rules apply in hospitals and nursing homes? The homes and hospitals are open to visitors again.
What are the rules for visiting places of worship? Church services are permitted under special hygiene conditions. The minimum distance must be maintained and masks must be worn throughout. Congregational singing is prohibited. If the number of seats is limited, registration is requested.
What rules apply to children with cold symptoms? Children with fever above 38 degrees, severe cough and flu-like symptoms must stay at home. It is then recommended to contact the paediatrician. As soon as the child has been symptom-free for 24 hours, he or she is allowed to return to the day care centre/school. Children with a simple cold and occasional cough can continue to attend the day care centre/school.