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Last updated on 8. July 2020

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When do sports clubs and sports fields open?

Federal state Answer
Brandenburg Non-contact sports and training in mass and recreational sports is permitted outdoors. Training in sports clubs without competitions is allowed again. Open-air swimming pools and fitness studios are allowed to open again, swimming halls and thermal baths have been open again since 13 June.
Berlin Berlin sports clubs may train. Open-air swimming pools can open. Since June 2, sports can be practiced both inside and outside in groups of up to twelve people. The sports halls will be opened for this purpose. Fitness, dance and ballet studios have also been allowed to open again since 2 June.
Baden-Württemberg Public sports facilities/sports grounds may reopen, even in closed rooms, e.g. fitness studios and dance schools. Sports clubs are also allowed to train in halls again. Open-air pools and bathing lakes may be opened under certain conditions.
Bavaria Fitness studios, outdoor swimming pools and dance studios as well as other indoor sports facilities are open. Indoor swimming pools, indoor thermal baths and hotel swimming pools, including wellness areas, have been allowed to open again since 22 June.
Bremen Sports clubs may train again. Open-air pools may open. Low-contact sports such as jogging, rowing, tennis or golf are also permitted.
Hesse Training in the open air and indoor training should be possible again. Fitness studios and leisure parks are open. Since 15 June, swimming pools, saunas and bathing lakes are allowed to open again.
Hamburg Open-air pools have been allowed to open since 2 June. Gyms and other indoor sports facilities may reopen. Outdoor sports facilities may open.
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Open-air pools have been allowed to open again since 25 May. Clubs are allowed to train in closed rooms again. Fitness studios, indoor and fun pools and rehabilitation clinics are open again.
Lower Saxony Contactless outdoor sports are permitted. Outdoor and indoor swimming pools can open again. Indoor sports are permitted again, provided the minimum distances are observed. This also applies to fitness studios.
North Rhine-Westphalia Fitness studios, dance schools, sports halls as well as course rooms, outdoor and indoor swimming pools may open, but the minimum distance also applies in the swimming pools. Since May 30th, sports with unavoidable physical contact may be practiced again. Club sport in halls is only possible to a limited extent. Wellness facilities and sauna facilities can also reopen under hygiene conditions. The same applies to adventure and fun pools.
Rhineland-Palatinate Outdoor recreational and popular sports are permitted. Open-air swimming pools are allowed to open again since 27 May. Visits to fitness studios and dance schools as well as sports activities in halls are again permitted under certain conditions. Club sports in the hall are again possible.
Schleswig-Holstein Since 18 May, the state government has again been allowing contactless sports in halls, including gyms. Open-air pools are allowed to open. With an appropriate hygiene concept, indoor pools are also allowed to open again.
Saarland Sporting activities in halls are permitted, e.g. in the gym and at club sports. Both outdoor and indoor swimming pools are open again.
Saxony Since 4 May, sports clubs have been allowed to use outdoor sports facilities again under certain conditions. Outdoor and indoor swimming pools may open, provided they have an approved hygiene concept. Fitness studios are open.
Saxony-Anhalt Fitness studios and outdoor swimming pools may reopen, and sports in halls are also permitted. Indoor swimming pools may also open if distance rules and hygiene requirements can be met. Playgrounds are open.
Thuringia Open-air swimming pools, gyms and other sports and leisure facilities have been open again since 1 June. It is again possible to visit indoor pools, thermal baths and saunas, provided that an infection protection concept has been approved for them.