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Last updated on 9. July 2020

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When do the primary schools open?

Federal state Answer
Brandenburg Brandenburg wants to open the schools normally again after the summer holidays, starting August 10th. In schools, the general minimum distance will then disappear, except between teachers.
Berlin After the end of the summer holidays - from 8 August - the schools are to return to normal operation. The distance rule is to be suspended in schools.
Baden-Württemberg All pupils should receive attendance lessons again, at least temporarily.
Bavaria In Schulen gibt es wieder regelmäßigen Präsenzunterricht für alle SchülerInnen.
Bremen In the primary schools in Bremen a limited regular operation is in force.
Hesse At primary schools, regular classes take place. The obligation to attend school is suspended until the summer holidays. Parents can decide for themselves whether they send their child to school or whether they learn the material at home. After the holidays, all pupils should return to school.
Hamburg It's school holidays in Hamburg. The schools should most likely be able to resume regular operations after the summer holidays without a minimum distance.
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania After the end of the summer holidays at the beginning of August, there should be reliable and daily regular lessons for all pupils. During the summer holidays, the after-school care centres are to offer holiday care of six hours per child per day.
Lower Saxony Since 15 June, all classes have again been taught in the schools.
North Rhine-Westphalia In North Rhine-Westphalia, 26 June was the last day of school before the summer holidays.
Rhineland-Palatinate Classes had gradually resumed, at the moment it is summer holidays. In the middle of August normal attendance classes are planned again.
Schleswig-Holstein Regular operation at all schools is to start again after the summer holidays with the new school year on August 10th.
Saarland It's summer vacation at the moment. In mid-August, all schools will resume normal attendance classes with compulsory education.
Saxony Schools return to a regular operation. Primary school pupils come to the primary schools every day.
Saxony-Anhalt Since 15 June, all primary school children have again been going to school every day. Pupils may also be taught without the generally applicable corona-related minimum distance.
Thuringia All pupils can again take part in an adapted classroom training. Schools are open daily for all children.