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Last updated on 18. September 2020

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What do I have to pay attention to in contact with people?

Federal state Answer
Brandenburg Contact restrictions no longer apply. However, the distance and hygiene rules remain in place. Private parties are only permitted in the apartment or garden up to a maximum of 75 people.
Berlin Contact restrictions have been lifted in Berlin, distance and hygiene rules must still be observed.
Baden-Württemberg In public, 20 people from several households may meet. Hygiene and distance rules must be observed. A maximum of 100 people may meet at private events. For private events with no more than 100 participants, a written hygiene concept must be available.
Bavaria Groups of up to 10 people may meet in public space. In private rooms and gardens there is no longer a strict numerical restriction.
Bremen An unspecified number of relatives from two households can meet in public space. Meetings of up to ten people from different households are also permitted.
Hesse In public areas, up to 10 people may again travel together without observing the minimum distance. Membership of households no longer plays a role.
Hamburg In a private setting, up to 25 people can come together for celebrations - the number of households does not matter. At parties in rented rooms up to 50 people can come together. Meetings in public are limited to 10 people from any number of households.
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania There are no longer any specifications as to how many people may meet in public space. Hygiene rules must still be observed.
Lower Saxony Groups of up to 10 people may meet. If they are relatives or members of two households, there may be more.
North Rhine-Westphalia Groups of up to 10 people may meet outdoors. If they only belong to two households, there may be more. For private parties (at home) there is no limit to the number of participants. Parties for special occasions may be held with 150 guests. Hygiene rules must be observed. In addition, it is mandatory to record the personal data of all participants.
Rhineland-Palatinate Up to 10 people may meet, regardless of the number of households.
Schleswig-Holstein Meetings of up to 50 people are allowed in the private room and up to 150 people outside.
Saarland Meetings of up to 10 people are allowed.
Saxony Two households can meet. Meetings with up to 10 people are also allowed - both inside and outside. In a rented room up to 100 people are allowed to meet at family celebrations. Since 18 July, company and club parties as well as children's holiday camps with up to 50 people have been possible again.
Saxony-Anhalt There is no longer a restraining order. It is recommended not to meet more than 10 people and to keep all further contacts to a minimum.
Thuringia There are no more contact restrictions in Thuringia. However, it is recommended to meet only with one other household or with a maximum of 10 people.