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Last updated on 20. November 2020

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What are the rules for day care centres?

Federal state Answer
Baden-Württemberg The day care centres are fully open. However, the children have to be looked after in fixed groups and the amount of care may fall short of the usual times. Carers must maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres from other adults present in the facility. The decision as to whether a child can return to the facility after illness is made by the management. Regular airing is necessary. Kindergartens are allowed to take groups on a walk in the forest or similar activities. The same applies to schools and other social institutions.
Bavaria All children are allowed to return to the daycare centres and crèches. Children with a cold and a runny nose should no longer be automatically excluded from visiting the day care centres from September onwards; a guideline on this is currently being prepared. For schools and kindergartens there are multi-stage plans on how to proceed depending on the local pandemic course.
Berlin The care of all children is once again being provided to the full extent.
Brandenburg The day care centres are open again for all children.
Bremen In the day-care centres, all children are to be cared for in a limited regular operation. Up to 60 children are allowed in all-day care.
Hamburg Kindergartens are back in "normal operation", at least in terms of childcare hours. Parents and educators must observe special hygiene regulations.
Hesse Daycare facilities for children in Hesse are in regular operation.
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania All children can again be looked after in the day care centres. There are free corona tests for daycare personnel. Five tests per person at two-week intervals are possible until the autumn holidays.
Lower Saxony The day care centres are open for all children during regular operation.
North Rhine-Westphalia Kitas are in regular operation. The aim is to provide childcare within the hours contractually agreed for each child. Employees of schools and daycare centres in NRW can voluntarily have themselves tested for Corona every 14 days free of charge.
Rhineland-Palatinate In the day-care centres, normal regular operation is again in effect.
Saarland Kitas are back in regular operation. How this is organised varies from one day care centre to the next.
Saxony Daycare centres have switched to regular operation, but increased hygiene requirements apply.
Saxony-Anhalt Kitas are in limited regular operation.
Schleswig-Holstein Kitas are in regular operation.
Thuringia Restricted regular operation applies in all daycare centres. Kindergartens are open daily for all children.