The daily updated overview of corona loosening
Last updated on 9. July 2020

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Question Answer
When will childcare be available again? Restricted regular operation applies in all daycare centres. Kindergartens are open daily for all children.
When do the primary schools open? All pupils can again take part in an adapted classroom training. Schools are open daily for all children.
When do classes in secondary schools start? At secondary schools, instruction can alternate between classroom instruction and distance learning.
When do educational institutions open? Please refer to your institution's website for adult education information.
When does my university or college open? Digital teaching is currently taking place.
When can I see the doctor again? It is recommended to continue to take the necessary preventive examinations.
What do I have to pay attention to in contact with people? There are no more contact restrictions in Thuringia. However, it is recommended to meet only with one other household or with a maximum of ten people.
When do sports clubs and sports fields open? Open-air swimming pools, gyms and other sports and leisure facilities have been open again since 1 June. It is again possible to visit indoor pools, thermal baths and saunas, provided that an infection protection concept has been approved for them.
What cultural events are possible? Leisure parks, open-air swimming pools and museums, zoos and galleries are open. Since 13 June, it has been possible to visit indoor swimming pools as well as thermal baths and saunas, provided that an infection protection concept has been approved for each. Theatre and orchestra performances remain prohibited until 31 August.
When are hotels and restaurants open again? Restaurants, bars, hotels, holiday apartments and camping sites are allowed to open.
When do major events start? There is a ban on major events until the end of October. Events in closed rooms are limited to 30 participants. Private celebrations in closed rooms must be registered two days in advance with the respective municipality if 30 or more participants are registered. Demonstrations without restrictions on the number of participants are possible.
What restrictions are there on local and long-distance transport? There is still an obligation to wear a mouth and nose cover in local public transport.
When can I visit relatives in hospitals and nursing homes again? The Thuringian state government again allows visits to old people's and nursing homes.
When are churches open again? Religious communities in Thuringia may again hold public services.